The Difference Of Hyaluronic Acid Gel

- Aug 24, 2017 -

The same is the product of hyaluronic acid gel, because the source of raw materials and the difference in technology, the effect has a significant impact. Product concentration can not be used as a reference for the selection of products, purity, molecular weight, 3D three-dimensional structure will directly affect the water absorption of hyaluronic acid effect.

The larger the molecular weight, the more complete the net structure, the best water absorption effect. Popular maintenance products, cosmetics prevalent, but many of the industry's self-made hyaluronic acid gel, cheap, but not necessarily effective. Even some people to promote the oral hyaluronic acid gel, after gastrointestinal absorption will be decomposed into sugars and amino acids of small unit molecules, or must be through the synthesis of Shan steps to produce in the skin, knot bodyguard organization, the effect also must be discounted.

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