Hyaluronic Acid Gel Species

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Hyaluronic Acid gel production process and technology determines the quality of the difference, so in the use of the correct source must be produced products can have therapeutic efficacy. Generally, there are three ways to refine:

1. Animal organization: The main raw material is the comb and the bovine eye vitreous and so on. Using acetone or ethanol to skim and dehydrate raw materials, soak and filter with distilled water, then treat with sodium chloride aqueous solution and chloroform solution, then after adding trypsin heat preservation to get mixed liquid, finally, the ion exchange agent is used to treat and purify the purified hyaluronic acid gel. The extraction rate of this method is very low, only about 1, the separation process is complex, resulting in high cost of hyaluronic acid gel, up to 5000 USD/kg, limited in the use of large quantities of cosmetics.

2. Microbial fermentation: Glucose as the source of carbon fermentation liquid. In the culture medium fermentation 48 hours, after the fermentation end, the filtration eliminates the mycelium and the impurity, then uses the alcohol precipitation method and so on simple operation to obtain the high purity product. The advantage of the oral hyaluronic acid gel made by fermentation method is that the molecular weight can be set according to the design of the product. The key of fermentation is the selection of strains, the selection of Streptococcus, lactic acid ball fungi and so on.

3. Chemical synthesis: Using natural enzyme polymerization reaction; First, the use of polysaccharide polymers to synthesize "hyaluronic acid and nitrogen heterocyclic derivatives", and then add water decomposition enzymes, to create a complex of derivatives and enzymes, and finally in the 90 degree Celsius reaction solution to remove the enzyme, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid gel. The manufacturing cost of hyaluronic acid can be greatly reduced by artificial synthesis, but the structure is not pure.

The same is the product of hyaluronic acid gel, because the source of raw materials and the difference in technology, the effect has a significant impact. Product concentration can not be used as a reference for the selection of products, purity, molecular weight, 3D three-dimensional structure will directly affect the water absorption of hyaluronic acid effect. The larger the molecular weight, the more complete the net structure, the best water absorption effect. Popular maintenance products, cosmetics prevalent, but many of the industry's self-made hyaluronic acid gel, cheap, but not necessarily effective. Even some people to promote the oral hyaluronic acid gel, after gastrointestinal absorption will be decomposed into sugars and amino acids of small unit molecules, or must be through the synthesis of Shan steps to produce in the skin, knot bodyguard organization, the effect also must be discounted.

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