Why choose Our gel Viscoelastic Solution for Osteoarthritis ?

- Feb 02, 2018 -


it is a form of hyaluronic acid (HA) (sterile, viscoelastic, non-pyogenic )extracted from rooster comb. and is used to relieve joint pain due to ostearthritis. HA is a natural substance found in the fluid that surrounds a healthy joint. This fluid is called synovial fluid, and it helps cushion, lubricate, and protect the joint. In people with ostearthritis of the joint, the synovial fluid becomes thinner and less able to do its job.

it is similar to the HA found in healthy joints. It is a prescription, non-surgical therapy that your doctor can treat you with, during three to five office visits, one week apart. Hairont is designed to help patients who are not getting enough relief from non-prescription pain relievers (like Tylenol® or Advil®) or from exercise and physical therapy. When Hairont is injected into the joint, it helps replenish the HA in the joint and helps restore the ability of the synovial fluid to cushion, lubricate, and protect the joint. Unlike pills, It is localized therapy, which means it goes right to the source of pain and is not distributed throughout your entire body. Thousands of people with ostearthritis  of the joint have experienced pain relief with Hairont.

Many patients are happy with the way that Hairont helps them to maintain an active lifestyle.


Compare with similar products


·                           Euflexxa (sodium hyaluronate). Euflexxa is given as a three-dose injection over three weeks (one injection per week). The average patient will experience relief from a series of Euflexxa injections for six months. The most common side effects of a Euflexxa injection are pain at injection site, skin irritation at injection site, swelling of the knee, and tenderness around the joint.

·                           Hyalgan (sodium hyaluronate). Hyalgan was the first viscosupplement approved by the FDA in 1997. This viscosupplement is given as a series of five injections, once per week for five weeks. The most common side effects of a Hyalgan injection include pain at the injection site, itching, swelling around the joint, redness or bruising at the injection site, and headache.

·                           Orthovisc (high-molecular-weight hyaluronan). Unlike all other viscosupplements, Orthovisc is derived from bacterial cells, not rooster combs. This makes it an ideal option for OA patients with sensitivities or allergies to birds or chickens, eggs, and feathers. Orthovisc is available as a three- or four-dose injection. The most common side effects of an injection of Orthovisc include swelling around the joint and a rash or bruise at the injection site.

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