Hyaluronic acid removes wrinkles

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Because of age, smoking, sleep and so on the squeeze and gravity traction, will cause the loss of hyaluronic acid skin, and gradually make the dermis collagen and elastic fiber decreased, causing skin relaxation, resulting in facial wrinkles, through injection of hyaluronic acid can effectively solve a variety of wrinkles:

1, hyaluronic Acid beauty applied to frown lines (eyebrow stripes) and crow's feet

Excessive depression of the frown lines, single Botox injections, often can not get satisfactory results, and with hyaluronic acid injection, the effect will be better.

2, Hyaluronic Acid beauty application in the corner of the mouth lines

Du mouth produced by the lines, although a dynamic grain, with hyaluronic acid to fill the indentation, that is good effect.

3, Hyaluronic Acid beauty application in the law pattern (nasolabial sulcus)

The elimination of the decree pattern is the most common purpose in the process of removing wrinkle from hyaluronic acid. According to the depth and depth of wrinkles according to the shade of the wrinkled nose, the injection amount of 2-pin macromolecules is generally needed, and the injection site includes the lateral alar sag, the law line itself and the lower side of the lip.

4, Hyaluronic Acid cosmetic application in mouth week wrinkles

Including mouth-week fine lines, that is, due to chronic lack of water caused by dry lines around the lip, including the spat, that is, the position of the spat when the mouth, some form small bracket lines, and some form large bracket lines (with the nasolabial sulcus).

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