Cross-Linked Acid Hyaluronic for Injection 0.5 Ml/Vial, 1 Ml/Vial, 2 Ml/Vial

- May 15, 2018 -

Basic Information: 

Model NO.: hyaluronic acidCustomized: CustomizedSuitable for: Elderly, AdultPurity: >99%CAS: 9067-32-7MOQ: 1boxPayment Methods: Moeny Gram, Escrow, Western Union, Paypal, TtSpecifications: 0.5 Ml/Vial, 1 Ml/Vial, 2 Ml/VialPolicy: Reshipping PolicyTransport Package: Safe PackageOrigin: ChinaPowder: NoCertification: GMP, HSE, ISO 9001, USP, BP, 1ml/VialState: LiquidName: Hyaluronic AcidApplication: Breast and Buttock or CosmeticColor: TransparentPackages: Discreet Package for Testosterone PropionateShipping Method: FedEx, DHL, EMS or by SeaTrademark: CZGSpecification: 1ml/10mlHS Code: 3001200020Product DescriptionGel cross-linked hyaluronic acid sodium for injection 0.5 mL/vial, 1 mL/vial, 2 mL/vialProduct DescriptionHyaluronic Acid can treat and repair aging skin folds, depression or scar caused by some congenital or acquired diseases, soft tissue depression, poor outline and HIV-associated lipoatrophy.

Hyaluronic Acid is used for body shaping, buttock or breast enhancement and anti wrinkles of neck, breast, hand such as tempus infraobital region sag, facial asymmetry and HIV-assoicated lipoatrophy. It's particle size is 1.25-2.0mm. HA content is 20mg/ml. Usually be injected into deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue.

Product Features:

1.Safe and effective,rarely cause allergy

2.Can last for 9-15months

3.Special specification and OEM accepted


Product Types:

 Types DosageHA content Particle SizeNeedle SizeWhere to injectTreatmentFinelines1.0ml20(mg/ml) 0.10-0.15 mm30GShallow dermisStatic wrinkles: glabellar wrinkles, crow's feet, lacrimal sulcus and nasolabial etc2.0mlDerm1.0ml0.15-0.28 mm30GMiddle dermis or deep dermisCorrect of aging atrophy or drooping lips, sag cheek, facial asymmetry, zygomatic arch below depression.2.0mlDeep1.0ml0.28-0.50 mm27GDeep dermisNasal plastic surgery effect:improve the poor nasal shape, low nose, saddle nose and nasal tip;2.0mlDerm Plus1.0ml0.50-1.25 mm/Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallowTempus and infraorbital region sag, facial asymmetry, HIV-associated lipoatrophy10ml20mlDerm Sub-skin10ml1.25-2.00 mm/Deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue shallowBreast, abundant buttock,cervical stripe, lines of the hand or chest;tempus and infraorbital region sag, facial asymmetry20ml

Advantages:1. Our raw material is approved by American FDA and European EDQM2. Multiterm cross-linked technology ensures strong stability of Sofiderm gel3. Sofiderm has no risk of bacterial infection and viral diseases as produced by biotechnology 4. There is no risk of allergy reaction.5. Produced in our own factory ensures lower price and high quality.CompositionRaw MaterialsCompositionSodium hyaluronate18~26mgSodium chloride8.5mgDisodium hydrogen phosphate0.03mgSodium dihydrogen phosphate0.126mgSterile water for injection Ad 1mlCross linker1,4-Butandiol-diglycidyl etherA proper amountStorage:Store at 2-30°C.Do not freeze.Protect from light source.Do not use after the Expiration date. Store for two years.

 About our experience:Our research team has been studied more than 7 years in hyaluronic acid area. The team leader, professional Chai has worked in this filed for more than 10 years. Experienced researchers and workers are the firm guarantee of our company. About our equipment:GMP standard work shop.Sterilized Laboratory.Complete Precision Instruments.About our technique:Dexterous cross linked processing technology.Advanced production process.

CertificatesCE 0434ISO 9001ISO13485Import-export license


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